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fresh water generator for ships

The seawater desalination device (commonly known as the fresh water generator) can increase the ship's endurance.


Generally, water with a salt content of <1000 mg/L can be regarded as fresh water. Fresh water on board are mainly used for cooling diesel engines and other auxiliary machines, boiler feed water, domestic washing and drinking used, sometimes used to flush the deck. Drinking water must pass through mineralizes and ultraviolet light for bacterial-kill treatment. The ship's highest requirements for fresh water quality are boiler feed water, so the standard of the salt content of the fresh water produced by seawater desalination device is generally according to requirements for the boiler feed water of the ship.


According to China's marine boiler feed water standards, the salt content of the fresh water that provided for the supply of distilled water is salt content <10mg / L (NaCl).The ship's demand for fresh water is: domestic water is 150~250L per person per day. Diesel engine ships need 0.2~0.3L per kilowatt per day, medium and high pressure boilers demands are according to 1% to 3% of the evaporation amount.


Desalination of seawater should greatly reduce the salt content of seawater. Most of the current used distillation methods are distillation, electro dialysis, reverse dialysis and freezing, mainly based on the principle that salt is almost insoluble in low pressure steam.


Marine seawater distillation units are generally operated under high vacuum conditions, mainly via vacuum boiling. Seawater heating and evaporation are carried out in the same high vacuum evaporator. The seawater is first heated in the heater and then decompressed by a sprayer, sprinkled into the vacuum evaporator. Part of the sea water flashes rapidly and vaporizes into steam.

HFM supplies the following two types of fresh water generators and spares for ships, tube type and plate type fresh water generators.

           Tube Type Fresh Water Generator


           Plate Type Fresh Water Generator