Innovation and Growth, Together

Sales Engineer For PHE

Work Space: America, Europe, South America

1. Responsible for sales and extensions of PHE in electric power, chemical industry, vessel, food and medical field;

2. Be able to develop and maintain clients, search and collect project information, understand clients’ needs and provide solutions;

3. Develop new channels, maintain channels initiatively and introduce our products through available channels;

4. Caring about clients' development, chatting, contract signing and follow-up works;

5. Manage clients’ resource, and ensure business process successfully.

Service Engineer For PHE

Work Space: America, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia

1. Be acquainted with market opportunities and be able to transfer service products. Be able to provide remote or on-site assistance;

2. Program the PHE products service system and provide both service and marketing ideas for customers;

3. Responsible for post-sale technical supports and information providing;

4. Provide professional heat solutions and products applications cultivating clients and our sales engineers;

5. Assist in developing PHE channels, markets and applications.

Application Engineer For PHE

Work Space: America, Europe, South America

1: Responsible for on-site solutions and practical operation in relative industry. Focus on clients in food, medical, electric power, petrochemical industry, and heat supplying fields;

2. Provide application solutions under practical situations in relative industries for clients and sales engineers;

3. Assist sales manager with sophisticated application ideas and technique supports to meet clients’ needs;

4. Improve and perfect the post-sale technical information and products technical supports to our clients;

5. Assist with developing PHE markets. Be acquainted with PHE applications in each industry.